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Fine Art



Above is a small selection of Simon's oil paintings with more to be uploaded over time

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Simon Zadovsky 

From a displaced family, part of the Russian Diaspora, Simon was born in Paraguay in 1951 where he grew up until age 7 before his family moved to San Francisco. His artistic talent was apparent at an early age and he fostered that talent with a love for all art and a special appreciation for surrealism. Early in his career he was proficient with airbrush, creating highly detailed, dark and surreal pieces, most of which are sadly now lost with only a few photographs remaining. He was a working artist for years, doing everything from album covers for rock bands such as Journey, mural work for stores like Banana Republic, and venues like the San Francisco Wax Museum and Marine World. He now spends his time continuing with surrealist and abstract oil painting, and a new passion for experimental and abstract copper sculpture.

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